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Kristian Goodenough, Business owner & Marketing Specialist

Kristian Goodenough - Owner and Freelancer

Having experience in both B2B and B2C, I'm passionate about businesses of all shapes and sizes. I am the Co-founder and Commercial Director of The Bespoke Sign House, as well as offering marketing and commercial business services through Red Ibex Creative. Red Ibex really took form during the first lockdown of March 2020, where I saw a countless number of smaller businesses struggling to be seen in the online world, as competition in the digital space ignited to be more competitive than ever before. After seeing how hard it was for these start-up businesses to really put themselves out there, I set out with Red Ibex Creative to fill a gap that larger, less agile marketing agencies were missing, by offering bespoke and flexible freelancing packages to fit the marketing needs of start-up businesses.

So however new your business idea may be, or whatever stage of your business journey you may be on, If you're looking to tell your story, re-engage your client base, build awareness, or reach new audiences, contact me here or on Linkedin.

...and why the Ibex? I get asked that a lot. Have you ever seen an ibex climb up what seems to be an almost vertical cliff face? You're that Ibex, and against all odds, I'm here to get you to the top.


Need A Freelance Marketer? Contact Me.

The business world can be brutal, but I'm here to make sure you really resonate and engage with you audience. Contact me today to see how a Red Ibex Creative marketing plan can help you!

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