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Common Email Marketing Terms In 2021

Updated: Jan 6

Email marketing can seem like a whole new world when you’re starting out, so we thought we’d put some of the most common terms together to help you, help yourself, when it comes to sending a stellar email campaign.

With many businesses looking at innovative and engaging ways to bring their clients closer to them than ever, email marketing has provided a solution incomparable to any other. What’s more, its relatively cheap execution make it a real money spinner when it comes to return on investment.

During the Red Ibex email training courses we’ve carried out, we’ve regularly been asked the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce, and if you think it relates to kids falling off a bouncy castle at a children's party, then I’d suggest you read on…

The most common email marketing terms:


Email Service Provider - A company that allows you to send bulk email sends, such was Mailjet, MailChimp, etc.

Contact List

A group of people who will receive an email campaign.


Someone who receives an email - recipients makes up email contact lists.


Call To Action - The action you wish your audience to take on your email. For example, buy now, sign up, call us, etc.

Open Rate

The number of people who open your email - often displayed as a percentage.

Conversion Rate

The number of people who perform a valuable action on your email - such as clicking through to make a purchase).


Click Through Rate - How many people clicked through from your email to a link.


Business To Business - when an email is sent to businesses only, it is a B2B interaction.


Business To Consumer - when an email is sent to individuals only, it is a B2C interaction.


Return On Investment - if your email objective is to drive sales, ROI is used to calculate the amount of revenue generated on the back of an email campaign.


General Data Protection Regulation - a law to protect the transfer of data and use of personal information.

Soft Bounce

When an email cannot send to a recipients inbox - due to a temporary error, such as the mailbox is full.

Hard Bounce

When an email cannot be delivered to a recipients inbox - due to permanent error such as a blocked or incorrect email address.

Single Opt-In

A one time email sign up and where the user is automatically added to a list - considered a lackluster approach to obtain user permission.

Double Opt-In

Requires uses to enter their email and confirm that they wish to sign up - looked upon favourably as good practice to obtain user permission.

A/B Testing

An approach to testing where two emails are compared to see which performs better - a way to increase email optimisation and conversion in the long run.


An email where the user didn’t opt in to receive it - results in poor deliverability.


When a user requests to remove themselves from the email list - the campaign owner then needs to take appropriate action to ensure this is done.

Are you a start-up business considering email marketing?

If you’re looking to see how email marketing could really benefit your business and audience, speak to Red Ibex today. We’ve got hands on experience in generating winning campaigns to help put a smile on your audiences faces, while building up your brand and putting the pennies in your pocket. So whether you’re looking to build relationships with your client base, or reengage old clients, speak to us, we were made for this.

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