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How to tell your brands story through digital marketing in 2021

Updated: Jan 6

But how do you use storytelling in business? And does your business even have a story worth telling? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through the key aspects that you need to know.

So, let's look at how to tell a compelling brand story in 2021...

Red Ibex Creative have worked with both emerging and established brands to help share their story to engage and inform their target audiences. But one thing which we often hear, is, ‘My business doesn’t have much of a story to tell, what do I say?’. The truth is, there is an aspect of storytelling for every part of your brand - you’re just too ingrained in your business to see it.

To tell an effective story, you need to know what your brand stands for, this is your mission, purpose, values and importantly, your vision. This is the premise to any good storytelling, and will allow you to not only get your message across, but really engage your audience to build more brand awareness and get more sales.

To help you pull out the story behind your brand, we break it down into three simple aspects which content can be derived from. These key areas are:

1. Your Origin Story

This is quite a simple part of your brand's storytelling. When you don’t know what to say, where better than to start from the beginning, which includes how your business came into fruition. For many smaller businesses and start-ups, telling the story of how you came to be the person you are in your business is also an engaging story and insight for your audience. This plays a key part in humanising your brand story and showing the face behind the business, something you should never be scared to do.

2. The ‘Why’ behind your brand

This is your purpose and mission which your product or service looks to overcome. The information here will play a key part in your brand's storytelling as it should pack a bit of a punch to make others feel connected and relate to your cause, as well as understand what you are looking to achieve. This aspect should also highlight your ambition for the future of your brand, in the context of the bigger picture within your industry.

3. What Your Brand Has On Offer

Now you have set the foundation, you can really dive into what you have on offer without it turning into a sales pitch. In simple terms, this tells your target audience ‘what it does’ and ‘who’s it for’. With this information, your audience should be able to see the need for your product or service, and how it will benefit them.

With these three key aspects to stellar business storytelling, you’ll really be able to put your brand in perspective in the eyes of your audience. However you are looking to tell your story, whether it’s through content marketing, social media marketing or email campaigns, Red Ibex Creative are on hand to help you reach the top of your marketing mountain.

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